Carrera is a Yoga Instructor and Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach who is passionate about women discovering their internal power, living the life of their dreams, nourishing their bodies and imbedding love into everything they do - in fact it's her mission.

Carrera started her personal yoga practice at a time in her life where she was struggling with anxiety and built up tension throughout her entire body.  She has a 11 year background in the Financial services industry and had worked long hours, she described herself as feeling completley burnt out, feeling totally disconnected and always a "busy busy bee".

Deepening her yoga practice and incorporating yoga into her everyday life she feels literally changed her as a person.  In 2014 she left the career she had spend years developing behind her and immersed herself into the Health and Wellness Industry.  

Carrera now teaches her own classes across multiple venues, regular events, hosts yoga retreats, private yoga sessions  and one on one coaching for women.