"I used to just 'like' yoga, but since starting with CJ in April 2015 i'm now a yoga addict! I attend not only the regular classes, but a private once a week too, and couldn't be happier with my progress, both in body and mind. CJ is the best yoga teacher i've ever had, she radiates such a loving, positive energy and I look forward to every class"


"CJ is such a wonderful teacher. I attend her yoga class twice a week and after every class I feel so much better (even when there are poses I just can't do yet!)   After each practice I feel more focused and so much stronger. CJ brings a   beautiful quiet energy to each practice- you can't help feeling that this is the right place to be."


"I love my weekly yoga sessions with CJ. Her classes are the perfect balance between strength training whilst deepening the connection with my body. I feel so much more 'alive' after each class. my posture has also improved over the past few months, which is a pleasant bonus"


"Carrera provides the most amazing yoga experience i have ever received! every time I leave her classes I feel refreshed, calm and full of positive energy! she is a very talented women with the most amazing heart! I can't rave enough about yoga with CJ!"